Tell your story, not only the time.
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We are a community of artisans passionate about fusing art and an everyday object, the watch.

The watchmaker

My name is Johan and I am the watchmaker behind the project. My job is to select parts and and make them come together in harmony.

I have been in the watchmaking business for 14+ years and have had thousands of watches in my hands: some fresh from the factory, some used for a while, some for over a century. I have found that the watches that pass the test of time are beautiful, practical and durable. Now I would like to add another property: they tell a story.



We are several painters involved in this project, and we proudly belong to an ancient profession. Our predecessors decorated caves a few thousand years ago, and over the last several hundred years painting has become more and more exclusive. But it doesn't have to be.

We would love to create a painting that you can wear on your wrist. You can tell the story behind it when people ask, or just smile to yourself when you look at the time.


Why Milltree?

The idea came to two Swedish friends. Their surnames contain the words "Mill" (as in, "Hill with a mill") and "Tree" (as in, "Tree branch on a rock"). Voilà.